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Martin Hartmann Munck

Martin Hartmannn Munck

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Martin went from Denmark to Svalbard in 1996 and worked as a dog sledge guide for 2 years. He continued to Greenland in 1999 to serve duty in the sled patrol Sirius for 3 years. From 2002-2011, he lived with Karina in Ittoqqortoormiit, East Greenland and made a living …

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Karina Green Dog

Karina Bernlow

Born in Denmark and raised by parents, who lived in Greenland for many years. At the age of 15, she went to Ittoqqortoormiit, which is the northern most settlement at the east coast of Greenland and also the most remote inhabited place in the western hemisphere. She spend 14 years at the east coast – …

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Freja Bernlow

Freja Bernlow

Freja, born 2007. Freja spend her first 4 years in Ittoqqortoormiit, East Greenland and spoke fluent Eastgreenlandic when she arrived at Svalbard. Today she speaks fluent Danish, Norwegian and English. Freja joined her first dog sledge trip when she was 6 months old and at the age of 5, she started mushing herself. When she …

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Storm Bernlow

Storm Bernlow

Storm, born 2009, spend the first years of his life in Ittoqqortoormiit, Eastgreenland.10 days old, he started his career in tourism, joining Mum at her daily work in the tourist office. Storm went dogsledding for the first time at the age of 1 and as a true son of the North, Storm enjoyed eating polar …

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Saga Inuser Bernlow

Saga Inuser Bernlow

Saga Inuser is the second youngest member of the Green Dog family. It commits to be named after a Greenlandic polar bear hunter and Saga prefers to eat reindeer soup for breakfast! She attended her first dog sledge trip when she was 5 months old, first skiing trip in pulk at the age of 6 …

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Styrk Bernlow

Styrk is the youngest member of the Green Dog family, but with a birthweight of 4 kilos and 55 cm – and named after a Norwegian Viking, he is absolutely not to overlook. Styrk’s first words was “woof-woof” and as his siblings, he likes dogs very much and particularly Mila. Styrk is a true son …

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Manon Cattin

Hi, my name is Manon. I come from the French Alps, where i grew up. I spent most of my time at the ski club where i competed in slalom for 10 years. After i stopped racing i became ski instructor. Been outside all day long surrounded by snow and mountains that was my dream …

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Mikkel Ølund

Hei, my name is Mikkel, I am 27 years old and I come from Denmark. I have a long career in the Danish army behind me. I have always had dogs around me and I am very fascinated by the nature and I like to be active in nature. I’m now working as a dog …

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Isabel Zürn

Hey I’m Isabel. Originally I’m from the south of Germany. I used to work there as a Camera-Assistent and sound recordist. After a while I was missing the adventure , so I decided to quit my job and travel around Australia. There I worked on a farm where they were breeding Border Collies – that …

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Varg is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. These words describes Varg well, since he can seem a bit overwhelming due to his size and appearance. But if you know him, you will know that when he barks in your direction, he is doing it to catch your attention and to be …

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