Happy tails on
arctic trails

an experience of a lifetime

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Happy tails on
arctic trails

an experience of a lifetime

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Dear Martin and Karina

Thank you so much for an unforgettable afternoon in your twinkling paradise. It was an overwhelming, beautiful experience to drive a dogsledge through the magnificent landscape; an intense and unforgettable nature experience for body, mind and soul. And it was just lovely to meet all your warm kindness in the cold North. I look forward till we meet again. Until then… many warm greetings and hugs from me.

Sofie Gråbøl
Award winning danish actor
Sofie Gråbøl

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It all started with a call of the Arctic: it sent me to East Greenland as a 15-year-old teenager and at the same time, Martin started his dog sledding career on Svalbard, which then led him to become a member of the Sirius Dog Sled Patrol in Greenland.
“…She is a fantastic, loving lady and I have yet not met anyone she couldn’t charm completely”.
With two good adoptions, I doubt I’ll ever choose another way to get a dog again. We have skipped the puppy stage and can enjoy the Svalbard nature with the two best hiking companions one can get.
By the end of 2018 we had made up our minds – we wanted to adopt a retired sled dog from Svalbard and let it move into our home, a small number of kilometers from Stockholm. Martin chose a couple of dogs – including eight-year-old Lotte. In the winter of 2019 we both planned to return to Svalbard and Green Dog to join a sled trip, meet the dogs and then finally choose our dog. But I became very ill, so we had to cancel the trip. I got back into shape and in July 2019 we were back in Longyearbyen and met and socialized with some dog retirees at Green Dog. Big dogs! We were out walking with them on a leash. You can’t say we were walking together – I was very effectively pulled uphill, which was good for me! Lotte or Vodka? It ended up with Lotte, who throws herself on her back and wants to be scratched on her stomach.

The Arctic Experience​

At Svalbard 78° North​

”Something hidden, go and find it. Go and look behind the ranges. Something lost behind the ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!”
Rudyard Kipling »The Explorer« (1898)


Just imagine it … and suddenly you are there!

Welcome to the Arctic, welcome to the wilderness and welcome to the journey of your lifetime!

Whether your path leads our way in summer or winter, during the polar night or under the midnight sun, we will do our utmost to give you an extraordinary experience and share our arctic passion with you. For us it is not just a job, it is a lifestyle and pure passion to create experiences that will stay with our visitors for a lifetime. Imagine that you are pulled by mighty dogs through the stunning scenery of the high Arctic. The moon is guiding your path and the bright northern lights are flickering in the sky. It is just as if we are flying! Discover yourself on a dog-pulled sled, soundlessly sliding over the new fallen snow; the ringing from the dog collars, while the dogs’ paws are hitting the track. And all that is left is the sound of silence.
… What is it about Svalbard and the raw nature that makes us almost obsessed and makes us want to return again and again? A longing. A mood. The light. The cold. The silence. The colors. When we are out in this nature, the wilderness, it is as if our senses come alive again. As if something clicks into place and we become whole individuals again. We use the senses in a completely different way here in the ice. We are present. Keeping up. We are alive.
Guro & Monings Forfattere, fotografer og venner av Green Dog
And the summers! When the valleys blossom with arctic flowers, the whistle of migrating birds fills the air and the midnight sun patrols the sky in almost identical circles. Imagine a dog pulled wagon along the stunning coast of Bjørndalen, seal heads curiously looking at you from the sea, while numerous numbers of little auks are filling up the bird cliff and the blue sky above it. We hike over glacier, down the mountainside and across the Adventvalley, always in the company of a happy four-legged companion. At the end of August, the sun goes below the horizon for the first time and after this, we move quickly into the polar night.
… We climb into a small opening in the glacier. Down there, the ice glows blue in the light from the headlamp. A pure blue color. Some people have this color in their eyes. Otherwise, it is rare, this ten-thousand-year-old color from the ice. We reach the end of the cave. At the very bottom of the ice we stand, 30 meters below the ground. Shall we turn off the headlights and see how dark it really is here? We do. Then we stand there with our eyes open and see nothing. We are just present and take it all in. It is as if the old ice is sharing all its wisdom with us there in the dark. We turn on the headlights again and climb up and out to the daylight and the young snow. The dogs welcome us back.
Guro & Monings
This website is nothing else than an introduction to the adventure of your lifetime.
We know!
Green Dog Svalbard A/S
Karina & Martin
On a sledge journey you get to know the truth in an epoch of life itself. You travel through a period of your life alone as one who has severed all ties with society, and while travelling feel the coldness of life, its restless longing, its beauty and joy intensified. And, like the dying, you dream of what is in store for you at your journey’s end. Always it is with you, this feeling of harmony between the sledge journey and life itself. That is why a sledge journey is totally different from journeys in general: a clarification, a state of repose – perhaps for the first time – through complete, immediate contact with the true function of being alive and nothing else. The joy of feeling how beautiful and simple is your exciting journey through life, perpetually driven towards the unknown by your indomitable, inborn explorer’s urge, your wish for new adventures, problems and solutions.
Eigil Knuth, Dansk polareventyrer & antropolog

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  • If cancelled 22 days or more prior to departure 100 % refund
  • If cancelled 22-7 days prior to departure 50 % refund
  • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure is a ”no show” and does not qualify for any refund.
  • You may apply to your insurance company for a refund if you provide a medical certificate.
  • If Green Dog Svalbard decides to cancel a trip due to weather conditions or any other reasons, you will receive a full refund!