Thomas & Charlotte
Thomas Bruhn Rasmussen og Charlotte Møgelhøj
IT consultant & Attorney

We booked a trip to Svalbard to do dog-sledging as it always was our dream to see the Arctic. We thought it was a one-time only event but due to the beautiful nature and Green Dogs excellent guides we decided to come back for hiking during summer. As inveterate dog-people we loved to see the dogs are well-kept and healthy (don’t forget to see the puppies!!). You easily get the Svalbard-virus!

Solveig & Kristjan
Sólveig Þorvaldsdóttir & Kristján Breiðfjörð Svavarsson
Dentist & Architect

What a fantastic way for our family to spend an afternoon and experience the genuine Svalbard atmosphere! Beautiful happy dogs, clear skies and a calmness you don’t find in the city :)

Morten Hilmer
Nature Photographer

Magnificent adventures, breathtaking nature, outstanding service and wonderful people are the things that first comes to my mind when I recall my various trips to Svalbard. I have been visiting Svalbard both for holiday and for my job as a freelance wildlife photographer. Every time I visit, I have depended on the team from Green Dog and they have always been extraordinarily helpful and kind to me.

I know Martin, Karina and the kids from their time in Northeast Greenland. The many years of experience they have gained by living in the Arctic means that, regardless if they are taking a bunch of kids on a one-hour trip or planning all logistic for a television project, they always deliver.

The combination of professionalism, their will to always deliver 100%, and the great atmosphere around the Green Dog Team is what really makes them stand out from everything else I have experienced when travelling around the world as a wildlife photographer.

Mia Mannström & Francisco Mattos
We had an absolutely perfect day. The trip was more than we expected and the guide was super nice to us.
Ludvig Skjelderup
Ludvig Skjelderup - 9 år
I have visited Green Dog many times, both in the summer and in the winter. I like to run fast with the dogs, but the best thing is to pet the puppies.
Janet Saur & Jan Sivert Hauglid

We’ve attended two overnight tours with Green Dog. Everything worked really well – the guide picked us up on time and the trip went as planned. The route was planned ahead, but Green Dog is flexible and adjusts after weather and conditions. Something that is substantially,when you are out in the wilderness. The equipment is in really good shape and the best of all- are the dogs. The dogteam is probably the most important ingredient on a dogsledgetour and at Green Dogs,the dogs are just simply amazing. They are well behaved and very social,so everybody can join in and help harnessing and take care of his own team. To us, this part is the joy of using dogteam instead of using a snowmobile on a tour. This way you also get to know your dogteam well and all the individuals, the team consists of. We highly recommend Green Dog Svalbard!

Guro Skjelderup

To me, Svalbard is like coming home. To the quietness, to the rough nature, to the northern lights and to the midnight sun. To join Green Dog on a tour is a feeling of freedom, incomparable! Arctic nature,beautiful dogs and professional guides. Simply magic!

Eivind Berre & Lisbeth Taraldsen
Artist & Nurse

We had a fantastic experience at our multiday trip to Bolterdalen and Adventdalen. Overnight in a trappers cabin with a 3 course dinner and wine, was the ultimate celebration of Lisbeths 50th birthday. Thanks to Green Dog for the trip, the service and amazing dogs. This is something we would love to do again!

Carsten Egevang
Photographer, Scientist & Biologist

My experience with Green Dog Svalbard was amazing. They are extremely professional, safety comes first and on top, they are incredibly nice people.

August Schelderup
August Skjelderup - 11 år

Svalbard is one of the finest places on earth! Im happy and free when I go there! The best thing I know of is to visit the puppies at Green Dogs.

Mikkel Maarbjerg & Nikolaj Kirk
Mikkel Maarbjerg & Nikolaj Kirk
Danish chefs and owners of Kirk+Maarbjerg
Magical experience!

When we visited Svalbard, we had the great pleasure of experiencing the landscape through Green Dog Svalbard. They are incredibly professional and also very friendly. It is impressing to meet the dogs and slide through the nature on a dog sledge. We are already dreaming about revisiting Green Dog. Thank you, it was a great experience!

Sofie Gråbøl
Sofie Gråbøl
Award winning danish actor
Dear Martin and Karina

Thank you so much for an unforgettable afternoon in your twinkling paradise. It was an overwhelming, beautiful experience to drive a dogsledge through the magnificent landscape; an intense and unforgettable nature experience for body, mind and soul. And it was just lovely to meet all your warm kindness in the cold North. I look forward till we meet again. Until then… many warm greetings and hugs from me.

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  • If cancelled 22 days or more prior to departure 100 % refund
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  • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure is a ”no show” and does not qualify for any refund.
  • You may apply to your insurance company for a refund if you provide a medical certificate.
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