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My daughter Emilie and I moved to Svalbard in August 2018. During the fall we visited Green dog Svalbard several times, and after spending some time with their dogs, we became more and more excited about the idea of having our own dog. We had heard, however, that Green had some retired dogs which they were looking for good homes for, so we asked if there was a pensionist we could take over. And yes, they did! – So in November we met Andrea for the first time. It was the classic “love at first sight” and we immediately fell in love with her. Andrea had lived in a dog house for 8 years, so we wondered if she would accept being an indoor dog. We had no reason to worry at all, since she very quickly adapted and really liked lying next to the hot radiator. She became fantastic company for us during the polar night, and she got us out on daily trips in all kinds of weather. We were on many trips with her.

When the sun came back it got really cold on Svalbard. Andrea, who eventually had become very happy for being close to the radiator, began to freeze a bit on her paws and eventually got fleece socks.

Andrea has been on all my hiking trips and she is the best hiking buddy I could wish for.

Traveling, preferably where there is snow, is the best Andrea knows. Then she rolls excitedly in the snow and throws herself around. The fact that she is so happy about winter and snow was something I was excited about when we moved to the mainland and northern Norway in July.

The mainland life was a warm transition, but since Andrea had lived with us for 8 months, the difference wasnt that big a challenge. In fact, we did not notice any discomfort with her. In northern Norway there is also usually some snow in the mountains in the summer, so on most trips she also got to roll in the snow.

The snow comes early in the mountains in northern Norway, so now the hiking is really a wonderful experience for me and Andrea, as we both love winter and snow.

Getting Andrea into our family has been and is a great pleasure, she is incredibly good company and an amazing hiking buddy. She can go as far as I and then she sleeps when I have coffee breaks. She is calm and confident, and there has been no trouble turning her into an indoor dog and getting her on a leash. Many thanks to Green Dog Svalbard, who showed me the confidence so Andrea was allowed to come into our lives.

Sincerely, Beate Nilsen

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Fantastic Nature Experiences

Fantastic Nature Experiences

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