From the bottom of our hearts

Thank you!

Timing is not always our strongest side and we tend to want to do everything at once! In the middle of a hectic time when child no 4 announced his arrival, the peak season knocked on the door and we were well in the process of building our new home, I threw myself over project new (much needed) website. It has taken some time and devoured a bit on the family idyll…

Several texts have been written sitting on the bathroom floor while no 3 and 4 were in the bath; a lot of work is done with the computer placed on the kitchen table, with the left hand stirring a pot and the right hand merrily dancing across the keyboard, only interrupted by loud shrieks when no 2 took the toys from no 3. Late nights and crooked working hours … thank you for the laptop that can be used virtually anywhere in and outside our home.

I hope you, like me, will enjoy the result – and in particular the beautiful pictures, where most have been shot by friends, guests and staff.

To our always accessible and incredibly energetic web designer – my childhood friend, Uffe Steffensen from US DESIGN: THANK YOU for your impressive work, your amazing design, your input and your always diplomatic collaboration.

A special thanks to Lasse Djernæs, our guide for 2.5 years, who has created the great video films from our tours, which can be seen on the website.

Thanks to Yann Rashid, who, despite a busy season, spent many hours correcting my lyrics.

And a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful people who have provided the most stunning images to our website. You understand the art of showing the Svalbard that we live and work in – and the Svalbard that we love so much – in a way that goes straight in the heart. You illustrate both the beauty and the magnificent … and at the same time how infinitely fragile the Arctic is. Let’s protect it with more environmentally friendly tourism!

Karina Bernlow

To me, Svalbard is like coming home. To the quietness, to the rough nature, to the northern lights and to the midnight sun. To join Green Dog on a tour is a feeling of freedom, incomparable! Arctic nature,beautiful dogs and professional guides. Simply magic!

Guro Skjelderup

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  • If cancelled 22 days or more prior to departure 100 % refund
  • If cancelled 22-7 days prior to departure 50 % refund
  • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure is a ”no show” and does not qualify for any refund.
  • You may apply to your insurance company for a refund if you provide a medical certificate.
  • If Green Dog Svalbard decides to cancel a trip due to weather conditions or any other reasons, you will receive a full refund!