Storm Bernlow

Storm, born 2009, spend the first years of his life in Ittoqqortoormiit, Eastgreenland.10 days old, he started his career in tourism, joining Mum at her daily work in the tourist office. Storm went dogsledding for the first time at the age of 1 and as a true son of the North, Storm enjoyed eating polar bear meat, muskox soup and seal stew in his Greenlandic kindergarten. Storm has had sled dogs his entire life, but he also very much likes cats! Storm has been sledding on his own with 4 dogs and a guest on his sledge, since the age of 6. He likes to join his Dad on hunts, and he started catching ptarmigan on his own from the age of 6. Storm speaks fluent Danish, Norwegian and English – and has a true passion for hard-hitting and shooting devices. If you meet a little pirate while visiting the Green Dog kennel, it is most likely Storm at a raid!

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  • If cancelled 22 days or more prior to departure 100 % refund
  • If cancelled 22-7 days prior to departure 50 % refund
  • Cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure is a ”no show” and does not qualify for any refund.
  • You may apply to your insurance company for a refund if you provide a medical certificate.
  • If Green Dog Svalbard decides to cancel a trip due to weather conditions or any other reasons, you will receive a full refund!