What to do in January :

From the beginning of January , Green Dog Svalbard starts our fullday dogsledgetrips to the icecave in the Scott Turner glacier. Every fall,we hike through Bolterdalen and up to the glacier , to mark possible entrances for the coming Winter. Early January , we return to dig out the entrance. We also put up a tent or build an igloo , which is used for coffee and lunchbreaks at our sledgetrip. Theres reindeerskins on the floor and it is cozy to sit inside and enjoy the silence. The blue light slighty returns from January and it is a very special feeling to drive a dogsledge up to the glacier and enter the deepfrozen cave. We also start offering 1/2 day dogsledgetours in Bolterdalen twice every day. January is further the month, where we offer multidaysledtrip to the Foxdal cabin and the 3 day sledding trip to Foxdal cabin/Spitsbergen lodge. The short Foxdal expedition is suitable when you dont have so much time - and also , if you prefer a small group (max 5 guests). The sledtrip starts at the Green Dog kennel and visits the icecave on the way to the Foxdal cabin , where you stay for the night. If you are up for a longer dogsledexpedition , we recommend the 3 day trip to Spitsbergen Lodge/Foxdal cabin , also with a maximum of 5 guests.

Link to dogsledgetrip to the icecave

Link to halfday dogsledgetrip in Bolterdalen

Link to Foxdal dogsled expedition

Link to Spitsbergen Lodge dogsledge expedition

Green Dog kennel at the end of January

What to do in February :

In February , the light has already changed a lot and eventhough Longyearbyen isnt celebrating the returning sun until the middle of March , we can already see sun in Bolterdalen at the end of February. February is known for its amazing blue colours and for many local people , this is the favourite month. Green Dog Svalbard offers two daily dogsledgetrips in Bolterdalen , starting at 8.30 and 15. We also offer the fullday dogsleddingtrip to the frozen icecave in the Scott Turner glacier and two multiday dogsledgetrips with overnightstay either in the cozy , little cabin at the entrance to Foxdalen or at the Spitsbergen luxury lodge, combined with a night at the Foxdal cabin.

Link to dogsledtrip to the icecave

Link to 4 hourtrip , dogsledding in Bolterdalen 

Link to dogsledgeexpedition to Foxdalen

Link to Spitsbergen Lodge dogsledgetrip


What to do in March 

In March, we're fast approaching midnightsun which means that its bright 24 hours a day. This also means that you can ski or climb a mountain in the middle of the night - if you wish to. We usually see a lot of wildlife around the Green Dog kennel....ptarmigan and small groups of reindeer are coming close to the station and its not unusual to be welcomed by a reindeer , when entering the dogyard. In March , we recommend the dogsledgetrip to the icecave in the Scott Turner glacier , which is with pick up in Longyearbyen at 10 am every day and drop off between 16 and 17. Drive your own dogsledgeteam up the the glacier and enter the amazing icecave, which has a constant temperature of minus 2 degrees C. Green Dog Svalbard also offers two daily dogsledtrips through Bolterdalen and 2/3 days expeditions to Foxdal/Spitsbergen Lodge.


Link to dogsledgetour to the icecave

Link to halfday dogsledgetrip in Bolterdalen 

Link to Foxdal Expedition - 2 days

Link to Spitsbergen Lodge/Foxdal - 3 days expedition


What to do in April

April is dogsledding primetime...the sleddingconditions are perfect , theres midnightsun and lots of activities going on in and outside Longyearbyen. Join the fullday dogsledding trip to the icecave in the Scott Turner glacier. We put up a heated tent or build an igloo on the glacier , but usually April offers so good weather that we can sit on reindeerskins outside and have our lunch. We also offer two daily shorter dogsledgetrips in Bolterdalen - all trips are with pick up/drop off in town and sledding equipment is provided by Green Dog Svalbard - such as suit,hat,gloves,boots& neck gaiter. From 2016 we extend the expedition season and offer 2 and 3 days dogsledgeexpeditions to Foxdal/Spitsbergen Lodge in April as well.Join us for a dogsledgeadventure in Svalbards wilderness and a short visit in our huskykennel at the entrance to Bolterdalen.

Link to dogsledtrip to the icecave

Link to halfday dogsledgetour in Bolterdalen

Link to Foxdal Expedition - 2 days

Link to Lodge Expedition - 3 days


What to do in May 

May is usually the last month of the season, in which we can still dogsled in Bolterdalen. We keep on offering the halfday dogsledgetour in Bolterdalen and the fullday sledgetrip to the icecave until around middle/end of May - it depends of the conditions from year to year. In May we will continue to offer our 2 and 3 days expeditions until the middle of the month. As soon as we've stopped dogsledding in the valley , we immediately move up to the top of mine nr 7 mountain , where its usually possible to sled throughout June. This is a very special experience and you get to be part of the entire packet - the dogs should be moved in a trailer from the kennel to the mountain ; sleddogs should be harnessed and put in front of the sled, which you take turns in steering. You can bring your 6 year old at our daytrips and let him play with the Green Dog puppies after the sledtrip!

Link to sledgetour to the icecave

Link to halfday dogsledtrip in Bolterdalen

Link to Foxdal Expedition - 2 days

Link to Spitsbergen Lodge Expedition- 3 days

Link to Foxfonna dogsledge mountain expedition


What to do in June 

In June, everything starts melting , but as long we stay at the Foxfonna glacier at the top of the mine 7 mountain , it is possible to dogsledge on snow! We usually stop the mountain dogsled trips around middle of June and then we swap to the dogcarts , which is also a great - and fun!- experience. We offer two daily carttrips and then we also start offering the family hike in Bolterdalen twice daily , from June. This activity is fun and if you're in normal shape , you are able to join . Look for fossils ,observe nesting geese,reindeer, ptarmigan and if we are lucky - a fox! We end the trip with waffles in the Green Dog kennel.

Link to Foxfonna dogsled expedition

Link to Family Hike in Bolterdalen

Link to dogsledding on wheels 


What to do in July

July is high arctic summer and despite of the lattitude , Svalbard becomes incredibly green and theres many flowers,mushrooms and a living birdlife during summer. We offer two daily dogcart trips where you get to take turns in steering a dogcart with 5-6 huskies in front . If you dont feel safe in doing this , we offer that you can sit at the guidecart. Green Dog Svalbard also offers two daily Hikes in Bolterdalen , where we start the hike from Green Dog kennel in Bolterdalen  and search for wildlife and fossils in the valley. From 1st of July , we offer the fullday Foxfonna hike with packdog. This foottrip is for the experienced hiker since theres no paths in the area. We drive up to the top of the mine 7 mountain and start the hike which will take us over the Foxfonna glacier to an extraordinaty view over the Advent valley . Lunch at the Foxdalcabin and we hike back via Camp Barentz , which is a copy of William Barentz' overwintering cabin. It is also possible to join our multiday hike over Foxfonna , with overnight stay & barbecue in the Foxdalen trappers cabin. A packdog and an armed guide will escort you!

Link to Family Hike in Bolterdalen

Link to dogcart tour

Link to Foxfonna hiking trip 

Link to Multiday hike with packdog


What to do in August 

The arctic fall already sets in in August and you will note how the colours changes from green to orange,red and brown. For many locals, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year , since the colours are extraordinary - also in the sky , since the midnight sun ends and we start seeing sunsets again.

We offer two daily dogcarttrips with pick up from town at 9 am and 15 pm.

You can also join the Family Hike in Bolterdalen- a 3 hour trip which fits with your flight if you are departuring on the day.  The Foxfonna hiking trip is a good choice to join this month , since you get to experience all the beautiful colours in Adventvalley. We will take you to the glacier on top of the mine 7 mountain and from there , your daytrip will start! Until the end of August, we will keep on offering our multiday hike with overnight stay in the Foxdal trappers cabin.

Link to Family Hike in Bolterdalen

Link to dogsledding on wheels

Link to Foxfonna full day hiking trip

Link to Multiday hike with packdog


What to do in September 

September-The beautiful arctic fall , which counts many colours , eventhough we dont have any trees at Svalbard! We offer two daily trips with dogcart , starting with a pick up in town to our new dogyard , close to the road which you will be driving your cart at , in Adventdalen. Until around middle of September , we also offer the family hike in Bolterdalen twice daily.


Link to dogsledding on wheels

Link to Family Hike in Bolterdalen


What to do in October 

October is the most quiet month of the year and very suitable if you wish to explore in a smaller group. We may get the first snow already now and we also may start seeing Northern lights , which are usually very clear at this side of New Year's. We offer two daily trips with dogcart - we will pick you up in town and offer you sledding equipment - boots,suit,hat,gloves&neck gaiter. Enjoy a dog ride in the upcoming dark season light and see the Svalbard sunset for the last time this year!

Link to dogtrip on Wheels 


What to do in November 

November and we will start offering polarnight dogsledge trips in the dark - hopefully from 1st of November , if theres enough snow. It is a very special feeling to dogsledge in the dark...you can see the lines from the Mountains and on a cloudfree day , you will dogsledge under the amazing Northern lights.

Link to Northern lights safari with Dogsledge, 4 hours


What to do in December 

If you're having a hard time getting in the right Christmas mood , go to Svalbard in December! Dogsledding in the dark , under the stars and northern lights and afterwards ending the sledtrip with a warm drink in a heated logcabin is something we offer all days in December.  We have sledding gear for you and you get to take turns in stearing a dogsled with a team of 5-6 huskies in front.

Link to Northern lights safari with Dogsledge, 4 hours


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