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Freja Bernlow
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Freja,9 years old, spend her first 4 years in Eastgreenland and spoke fluent Eastgreenlandic , when she moved to Svalbard. Today she speaks fluently Danish ,Norwegian and English. Freja joined her first sledtrip , when she was 6 months old and started mushing herself at the age of 5. At 3 months old , she spotted her first polarbear and as the old hunting traditions in Ittoqqortoormiit says, she also got the fur to keep. From the age of 2 , she started joining her parents in sealhunts at the frozen seaice and later on , she has joined sharkfishing and reindeerhunting. Freja literally grew up with sleddogs and loves huskies very much! She likes showing her puppies to visitors in the Green Dog Kennel.


Freja in Norwegian TV : http://nrksuper.no/super/supernytt/2015/03/25/bor-pa-svalbard-med-161-hunder/

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Freja Bernlow

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