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Storm Bernlow
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Storm - our youngest guide (age 8) , spend the first years of his life in Ittoqqortoormiit,Eastgreenland.10 days old, he started his career in tourism , joining Mum at her daily work in the tourist office. Storm went dogsledding for the first time at the age of 1 and as a true son of the North , Storm enjoyed eating polarbear , muskox and sealstew in his kindergarten . Storm has had sleddogs his entire life , but he also very much likes cats! Storm has been sledding on his own With 4 dogs and a guest on his sled,since the age of 7.Storm speaks Danish and Norwegian and has a true passion for hard-hitting and shooting devices. If you meet a little pirate while visiting the Green Dog kennel , it is most likely Storm at a raid!
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Storm Bernlow

Green Dog, Bolterdalen, 9170 Longyearbyen, Svalbard - T: +47 7902 6100

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