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Karina Bernlow
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Born in Denmark and raised by parents , who lived in Greenland for many years. At the age of 15,she went to Ittoqqortoormiit , which is the norternmost settlement at the eastcoast of Greenland and also the most remote inhabited place in the western hemisphere . She spend 14 years at the Eastcoast - mainly in Ittoqqortoormiit- which is one of the last remaining hunters societies in the world. For several years , she worked as a cook at Constable Point airport, which is a small, isolated station, consisting of just 10 people. She also worked at the remote scientific station , Zackenberg , which is located at 74'N in the worlds biggest Nationalpark,The Nationalpark of North and Northeast Greenland. Karina and her partner Martin , established the tourism company Nanu Travel in Ittoqqortoormiit, together with local hunters. The company won in 2007 the entrepreneur prize from Bank of Greenland. Karina is an eager hunter and has participated in many hunts , boat- and sledgeexpeditions. In the fall of 2011, Karina&family moved to Svalbard and established the company , Green Dog Svalbard together with Spitsbergen Travel. Karina is the mother of Saga,Storm&Freja and takes care of the main communication & marketing in Green Dog Svalbard.
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Karina Bernlow

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