Green Dog Svalbard has a staff of 10-12 guides year around.

Most of our guides stays for minimum 1 year and we employ new staff regularly.

While working for Green Dog, we offer a place to live at the dog yard or close to. All staff share the work-load, so the work routine involves guiding all the different tours we are offering and handling the dogs. It can be physically hard work and the winter darkness can be a mental challenge. But you also get the chance to live and work in high arctic nature with your international colleagues and 250 friendly dogs - and you get to meet a lot of interesting people.

Green Dog is primarily looking for staff with the following qualifications:

  • Previous dogsledding experience - minimum 1 years mushing.
  • A professional, loyal and committed attitude.
  • Looking for long-term employment.
  • Social with a happy and stable mentality.
  • Likes to work with people and animals - and outdoors.
  • Capable of leading a large group.
  • Speaks English - and willing to learn Norwegian.
  • Nature camping experience. Experience from winter activities.
  • Any kind of craftsman's skills.
  • We prefer guides with life experience and we keep an average age of around 25-35 years amongst our guides. We are not interested in "partyguides", but responsible people who enjoys being in the nature.
  • A drivers license is a must and we expect you to be a skilled and responsible driver. License to drive a trailer/hanger has high priority.
  • We expect that you own and bring your own tour equipment , such as GPS , headlamp , proper boots for sledding (winter) and hiking (summer), spikes, multitool (Leatherman), compass etc.

If you wish to apply for a job at Green Dog ,please send your CV and photo application to

Green Dog, Bolterdalen, 9170 Longyearbyen, Svalbard - T: +47 7902 6100

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