Lyra retires
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Have you ever wondered what happens to a retired sleddog? Thank you Mia&Lyra for sharing you story !
"We have always loved dogs but since we are not likely to stay at Svalbard for 12-14 years, we didnt want to buy a puppy unless we knew we would be able to take care of it its whole life. After a little push from our friends, we went out to Green Dog to watch a Greenland Dog who recently become a Pensionist; Lyra. Then it went quite quickly and the week after she moved in with us. From day one she has only given us lots of joy and we do not regret one day that we took her with us home. Lyra herself adapted quickly and after a short return visit to the kennel (during our holiday), she realized how wonderful life as a "city-dog" is. Nowadays  Lyra's life consists of townwalks and "sofa-kos" (she "owns" about 40% of the couch ), she gets all the attention from us and lots of dogtreats and that she loves! Many would say she is spoiled but we see it as a reward after her many years as a working dog. Adopting Lyra is the best we've done and it feels amazing to help out  and give an old dog a new home when they no longer have the energy to work. "
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Lyra retires

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